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charlie brownau These digital currencys wont be seperate from the "mainstream" (goverment) unless your willing to make it

* Community Currency

* Static Value

* No Interest Loans / No Usery

* Based on HOURS

charlie brownau What the church SHOULD do is :-

* Kick out Non Whites
* Kick out Jews
* Kick out Kikes

- Setup a Christian Community Currency
- Base the currency off HOURS
- Mint the currency
- Use this as COUNTER ECONOMICS to avoid GOVERMENT (state) Currency

- Setup church based business's that work with CHURCH DOLLAR

Give all churchs and pastors the details to purchase/build/construct
their own minting machines and the materials needed

charlie brownau Looks like their currency video is NUKED -

David McAllister The church local or universal is a body of believers who come from every kindred, tribe and nation. Rev 5:9

charlie brownau Thats why christianity will fall, fail and be replaced

TTOR 13 Thats not what God says. He promises that his true followers will live with him in his kingdom for eternity after it is established on earth. We will not be replaced.

Tribulation Harvest If Christianity was going to fall, fail, and be replaced, it would have happened a long time ago. The truth is that even after the rapture, a new crop of born again believers will replace those who were raptured. The world will never be void of born again beliers in Christ.

charlie brownau Wrong, all region is failing - both ISLAM and christianity is failing in their native homelands, because it fails without race idenity

TTOR 13 Dude, Christianity is not based on having a native homeland. Our "homeland" is God's kingdom, which is currently not on this earth. We are literally foreigners and strangers on earth who are longing for a heavenly country. Just read Hebrew 11:13-16 and Revelation chapters 19-22, and you'll see just how stupid it is to claim that Christians ever had a homeland.

Tribulation Harvest Christianity fails without race identity. Well, that's a new one.

charlie brownau All region fails without ethnic race idenity

charlie brownau Look at ISLAM, instead of Middle East Arabs, you have whites, asians and niggas that can all magically claim to be ISLAMIC

charlie brownau 40% of IRANIAN "ISLAMIC" people dont even follow ISLAM anymore since IRAN gave women "RIGHTS" and islam is for anyone now

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