Just Because...

A Mafia Godfather finds out that his bookkeeper Enzo has cheated him out of 10 million bucks. Enzo is deaf.

The Godfather takes along his lawyer, who knows sign language.

Enzo denies when asked about the money.

The Godfather puts a pistol to Enzo's temple "Ask him now"

Enzo signs:"OK. The money is in a briefcase, buried
behind the shed in my cousin Bruno's backyard"

The Godfather:"What did he say?"

The lawyer:"He says you don't have the balls to pull the trigger."

Truth Social want's your phone number to sign up for beta testing.....makes me not want to use it then if that remains in place when the site fully launches.

charlie brownau
4 days ago

No Site can be trusted it it requires
Real Name

I can't get it right now it is only available in the app store on the iPhone and I not getting an iPhone period

charlie brownau
3 days ago

Artificial paywalled
its kosher kiked

Do you want a cloud-based operating system?


Nope, for one simple reason: something happens to the server or I lose my connection, my data's gone.

Offline is always better.

Firefighters Respond to Industrial Fire at Perdue Farms Facility




daniel on the road
3 weeks ago

I want it.

Bitchute now at 64% of their funding goal.

They just keep circling the drain thanks to adopting their policies, don't they?

daniel on the road
3 weeks ago

That and not adding any new stuff to the site. They don't deserve anymore money till that changes.

daniel on the road
3 weeks ago

New features and functions is what I meant, Darius.