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Just 45 minutes until the Trump Rally starts. Have popcorn ready. 😃 45 in 45!

Yea! is working for me right now.

I caught this interesting video on YouTube about filter bubbles. Imagine the power of this AI technology being leveraged by government censorship, forcing Google, Twitter, YouTube, Tiktok, and Facebook to create a very dangerous fascist/communist filter bubble, trapping the minds of unsuspecting Americans in a locked tight mental matrix where they voluntarily kill themselves by bioweapon inoculation, without EVER realizing thats what is really happening, thinking all along they are being good citizens, doing the right thing, protecting themselves and others, even on their death beds, clinging to their illusions till they pass over.

Good afternoon patriots. I find myself in limbo. The Symposium was a real shock to the system, just the small part that I saw. It left me wondering if there is any chance for the audits to move forward. I wouldn't even have known about the Symposium but for TikTok. However, I had to delete my Tiktok account due to crnsorship, and so now my only source of information is CS, Gab, and a few video venues that don't censor. So I feel like I am on an information blackout almost. What is going on with Lindell? I will check with to see wassup.

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3 years ago still is messed up for me, all the videos are garbled and play too fast

Caught some of the Cyber Symposium today. It was pretty exciting. Lots of heavies. Bolsonaro gave a presentation. CNN is in Brazil, brainwashing the public, just like here. It is a global brainwashing effort. Soros is using stolen elections to place key agents in positions of power over the elections, all 50 states are compromised, The CIA media is the major problem. People who watch the propaganda become communists. The whole world is relying on us to overturn these problems, or the world is lost. Gestapo tactics are increasing and will continue to increase, covid is used as an excuse in all states to keep monitors away from seeing election fraud in progress. Nothing to see here folks. Move along now.

Massive cyber attack in progress at Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium. Don't miss it! Steve Bannon fills in while the Symposium comes and goes. Problem soon to be fixed. No worries.