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Here is the fifth game of the 2002 season on my NCAA College Football 2K3 Legacy mode. If you like what you see, I would encourage you to subscribe to my channel, and check out my other videos!

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Here is my new video where I discuss how the Chinese billionaire who funded Gettr also has a verified Gab account. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to my channel, and help spread the word.

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Realistically Speaking
19 hours ago

Government is always in debt, and therefore serves most, those who pay for it. This is why progressive income tax is a shitty idea!

I have decided from now on that I will only share links to my content that are uploaded to video sharing sites that don't have a hate speech policy. This means that at least for now, I will only share the JoshWho TV and NewTube versions of my videos on my social media accounts.

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Hey TTOR 13 I just went on Gab Andrew Torba says they need to get rid of anti-discrimination laws

I don't have the time for either one of those. I just need a site that provides me with what I need for free, and I guess JoshWhoTV is the only one like that I can fully trust.

BearIt Gaming
2 days ago

I was honestly thinking of doing the same thing with Newtube: of uploading there again and directing people there on social media. BitTube also doesn't have a "hate speech" policy; but they rely too heavily on Google services.

@BearItGaming I wouldn't mind them using Google services if it weren't for the fact that deplatforming is now a thing with these Big Tech giants. We all saw what happened to Parler, and the same thing could happen to them, as well.

charlie brownau
2 days ago

Spreading views around doesnt seem good
nor using 'platforms' with
hate speech
but protect the offended
anything that relys on
cloudflare CDN , captcha , amazon S3, Microsoft Azure , etc

With alt-tech video-sharing sites like BitChute, Odysee, Rumble, etc, going doing the path of YouTube with their hate speech policies, draconian TOS and AI censorship systems, it's more important than ever that we start investing in JoshWho TV, the fully-developed alt-tech alternative to YouTube that we've all been wanting. If you want to see a turckload of reasons why we should all be using JoshWho TV, I would encourage you to watch this video.

#seekingthetruth #getonjoshwhotv #thettorshow #alttech #freespeech

charlie brownau
3 days ago

It shows that almost all of (99%) of 'alt news' and 'alt tech' are in it for
Donation and ad sheckles

They dont stand up for freedom, truth and values first and formost

They would rather self censor, deal with platform issues
then use stuff like Peertube, searX, Joshwho, Creation Social, Openstreetmap, Linux,etc

@charliebrownau 99%? Nah, more like 70%, I'd say. 99% sounds more Gabbish LOL

I trust JoshWhoTV more than any platform. Rumble is good for gaining a big following, and bringing people over to other sites like JWTV and UGETube.

And 15 minutes later, Torba unblocks our account on Gab. Guess he doesn't want to be on the receiving end of a video that proves that Torba censors his competition just like big tech. Smart move, Torba

I wish he would've unblocked my account so that I could call him out on everything. But then he would've reblocked me 🤔

And Andrew Torba has blocked the CreationSocial account after I called him out for lying to everyone today about Gab being the only place on the internet where you can tell the truth about the coronavirus without fear of censorship, and pointing out that God said in Proverbs 6 that he hates the way that Torba bears false witness. Just further evidence that Torba is not a man of God.

#andrewtorba #censorship #liar #exposed #getoncreationsocial

Say, I knew TTOR was blocked, but I guess CS wasn't. Funny he didn't do it for too long.

Once again today, Andrew Torba specifically claims that Gab is the only place where you can talk about controversial topics such as Covid-19 being created and leaked by the global American empire to steal the 2020 election, facilitate the largest wealth and power transfer in human history, and usher in global communism. Not only is this claim blatantly false, but it is also an indirect claim that Gab is the only free speech site on the internet.

But according to Gabtards like NeonRevolt, Andrew Torba never said anything like that. Lol 😆😂🤣

Pipkin Rahl
3 days ago

Hello all, I'm on Gab but also here, (new here) I just wanted to say to those who think people on Gab worship Torba, we don't. I have him blocked due to his antisemitism. I stay Gab because of its ease of use and format but I'm willing to learn new things. I follow @creationsocialoffical and saw (at least one side) of that discussion.

He blocked me LOL. And, we're not saying EVERYONE there does, just the majority. I left the site back in November because of its toxicity and hypocrisy.

charlie brownau
3 days ago

Pipkin Rahl - Antisemitism - is a made up word to prevent honest dissusion, debate and exposing jewish crimes

If you cant handle race critism
then go back to your country

Indians belong in India
Chinese belong in China
Koreans belong in Korea
Africans belong in Africa

If you dont like Whites calling out non whites

FUCK OFF back to your homeland

charlie brownau
3 days ago

Considering all these people know AT cant be trusted
yet stay
and refuse to migrate to something else
is part of the problem also

@charliebrownau I could only take it so long. I hit the sack after my friends started making their way out the door.

Currently reviewing an older video of mine where I respond to VentriloquistMagician's claim that young earth creationism is satanic in origin. If you like this video, I would encourage you to subscribe to my channel and help spread the word.

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Did he ever respond to you, and if so, what did he say? Also, how do I fix my comment errors on BitChute, I wanna comment on this, as well.

3 days ago

He never responded. I doubt he ever saw this video.

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Insider reveal of Gab Server farm


charlie brownau
4 days ago

Neon Revolt - QAnon in NJ: 'Neon Revolt' outed as failed Wall screenwriter - 12 Jan 2021 — Robert Cornero was identified as the QAnon influencer "Neon Revolt," who told U.S. Capitol rioters to arrest Vice President Mike Pence for ....

charlie brownau
4 days ago

Whats the fucking bet , Neon Revolt is Jewish

Posting something put up by a Rothchilds and linking to The Guardian and VICE (which are both leftist dumpsters) doesn't exactly help your case.

Any more links you can post?

charlie brownau
4 days ago


It always turns out to be
- Anti White
- Fed
- Kike
- Jew
- Zionist
- Paid controlled opposition