Well well well Facebook is paying a 650 million dollars fine for using users information with out their consent

So now in Ohio it is illegal to Censer for their veiw point on Facebook and Twitter

Burger King and McDonald's and Hardee's sucks only one was great tasting and that was burger chef

Mickey gilley passed away yesterday

So Facebook is stopping hiring because of Apple Att which means tracking what apps are doing

I am glad I have been a be Media of Family Worship Center for 7 years now in baton rouge Louisiana

What did the mythical creatures serve at his barbecue unicorn on the cob

I have seen the dumbest thing ever on YouTube where you can turn off the YouTube channel

So Breitbart news editor chief Alex Marlow that it does fake news told American conservative.com author

Don't ever buy a one wheel from future motion ever because they don't stand behind their products and they're expensive and you can't work on them yourself not even to change the battery or a motor they have serialized the motor so only they can fix them and they won't even fix it even if you pay them for it because they want you to buy a new one again that costs $2200 dollars