Hey TTOR 13 I just emailed you through my Gmail account because I told joshwho email I am locked out and my Yandex email makes me type a code to make I am not sending spam bots

So Gab has a hate speech policy now

Queen Elizabeth the IIe passed away she was 96 years old 1926-Septber 8 th 2022

Hey TTOR 13 Mastodon was bought out by GitHub I just went on their website and Josh who has a copyright on his website

Hey TTOR 13 keep an eye on Corder a Guy named Vincent Van D' oh claims he started a new website pro streams he is stealing script from Josh who TV wanted to warn you in trys to do that with Corder

1 month ago

He didn't steal the script from us. Corder and JoshWho TV both use the AVideo script, which is an opensource script that anybody can use to make their own video sharing site. He can make his own AVideo-based site that looks like Corder if he wants to, provided that he doesn't try to steal our name.

So now if you do a channel on bitchute you have to sign up for a membership every month on their subscribestar account if you want extra channels

No more fan donations on bitchute anymore

1 month ago

I just saw that. BitChute is in desperation mode now because they don't want people to realize that their platform is a dying, sinking ship.

So if you say against Mark Zuckerberg Facebook will track your location

Life wins by Dr.david Watts

Mark Zuckerberg is an idiot he needs to grow up And since fackebook changed it's name they lost 42% in the stock market