Ladies and gentlemen… we got him! Tell the groypers on Gab that their sacred cow is done! Prick Fuentes is going DOWN!

So Roe vs. Wade DIED as of May 2 2022, saving the lives of billions of unborn babies in the process.

God is GOOD.

The vote was taken around February and wasn't supposed to be finalized for a few more months. It's basically a done deal but was leaked out by a court clerk. The leftists are going thermonuclear over it as I speak.

So THIS was on Twitter today. We're officially in the worst timeline. 🤦🏾‍♂️

It's been a while since I had to deal with Twitter bots and trolls BUT, to be fair, this joker's had it coming for years.

Take a wild guess who was allowed back on Twitter today.

So Andrew Torba not only is comparing hinself to the apostle Peter, of all people, but now is acting like he WASN'T e-begging Elon Musk to buy Gab a few weeks ago.

Not only is he a flaming arrogant (and possibly sacrilegious) hypocrite but deflects as much as the Left does.


I skimmed through the first few paragraphs, and I can already tell what's going on: he's trying to compare himself to the apostle Paul in order for us to feel pity and sympathy for him as his platform loses all its people. Well too bad! Elon Musk's Twitter is WAY better than Gab ever will be, and because AT is too much of a loser to actually stand up and keep alt tech in the mix, he's just begging for people to stay and not jump his ark (which he has described it as in the past).

And DuckDuckGo just became WORSE than Google by censoring torrent websites and the command-line tool Youtube-DL from their results.

Yandex is looking better with each passing day.

100% pure, uncut, raw industry-grade SALT from thr Twitter outrage mob today! Guess their copium supply ran bone dry!

So Satanists support Ukraine.


1 year ago

Things that make you go, "Hmmmmmmm"

This used to be a conspiracy theory.

I remember when all this stuff was getting fact checked, and now, they're acting like it's the new thing 😶‍🌫️

Apparently it's legit, too