Today we talk about the overturning of Roe vs Wade and why it is critical for the survival of the country. In short, God judges nations and the United States was set up to be under different laws. Allowing states to choose their laws will prevent God from judging the whole nation, but rather, will judge states instead.

Today we return to James with another Daily Scripture on our words and hypocrisy.

Today we talk about being unequally yoked and what this verse means. It goes way beyond simply being saved or not saved. Today we talk about the consequences of being unequally yoked.

No one can tame the tongue. Here is James 3:7-10

Today we talk about the Roe vs Wade leak and the leftist meltdown.
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Let's avoid the stumbling blocks before us.

Today we talk about the importance of watching our tongue.

Today we talk about worship, the state of our country's churches, and warnings from Scripture. Many churches are turning away from God, and it is time to repent and return...but are we solid enough in our knowledge of the word to do that?
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Today we talk about the power of the tongue.

Today we will examine Scripture to see where our families fit into our Christian life. We will look at the balance of responsibility and devotion to Christ
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