Here is another picture of Smah the Gecko, but this time I wanted a commission of him where you can see his eyes. He's also wearing more modern day clothes. The Squier looks just like mine, but my actual amp is a Fender amp and not a Squier one. However, I still love the way this turned out! Credit goes to JuneauPaws on Furaffinity for this!

Can't believe 9/11 was 20 years ago. Who would have thought the Afghanistan War kickstarted by 9/11 would have been ended so incompetently by the worst traitor in chief in history?

Ethan Horn
Changed profile picture.

I love Wings of Fire so much. After doing music for a while, I felt inspired to do my own song based on the prophecy from the first arc of books! I hope you Wings of Fire enjoy this! If you like what you see, give a thumbs up and subscribe and share!

Here is my new video after a two month hiatus from video making, where I demonstrate how simple it is to play songs from Limp Bizkit, exposing them for the untalented nu metal band they are. If you like this video, please continue to thumbs up and share and subscribe if you haven't already!

I finally have something official! Say hello to the official design of Smah the Gecko, mascot of Den of Dragons! Credit goes to Juneau Paws on Facebook for the good work on this!

Here is the JoshWhoTV version of the announcement of my new musical endeavor! I hope you will consider checking out the SoundCloud and subscribing if you like my tunes!

I just put together a musical extension of The Godly Dragon! My "band name" is Den of Dragons. This will have a mix of clean secular songs and worship music. I plan to practice songs and record covers to start somewhere. I hope you'll support my musical endeavor!

So I ended up in a discussion about serpents/snakes due to arguments about them between mutual friends. Namely, whether or not serpents are evil/satanic. In doing so, I realized something: The serpent in Eden was cursed to crawl on its belly as punishment for what it did. This made me think that the serpent in Eden is not the snake as we know it now. What do you think the serpent could have really been? Could it have been a dragon, some kind of dinosaur, or some other kind of reptile? Let me know your thoughts.