Thorchain offers us the solution we’ve been asking for: a truly #decentralized swap exchange that utilizes smart contracts. That’s a mouthful and needs some unpacking, so let’s dive into it.

charlie brownau
3 months ago

It seems what most pro cypto people don't want to admit is the state gets in the road of freedom, liberty and real capitalism - Local and Community physical currency is a long term solution to this problem

charlie brownau
3 months ago

Thorswap uses cloudflare , they do offer a app in appimage for linux

charlie brownau
3 months ago

You talk too fast and removed all breathe breaks, bad habit that a lot of content creators especially from CA/UK/USA do

I don't remove any breath breaks. I'm realistic 😋

Scott Cunningham
3 months ago

I didn't remove any breath breaks lol I actually talk that fast. There were 2-3 cuts maybe where I removed me waiting for transactions. I'm genuinely too lazy for that hahaha

Crypto & Things has come a lonnnnnng way! 😀 I recently passed 500 episodes btw.

Congratulations! I didn't know you were Canadian 🇨🇦. How are things going for your area?

Scott Cunningham
3 months ago

I thought my accent gave it away haha. It's fine here, but I feel like a prisoner. Cheering on the convoys

AI taking over wouldn't be mass producing robots to go to war with us. It's a waste of resources, time, material, etc.

It's simpler to lull us into submission. I genuinely believe that AI-generated art, music, literature, and anything that shapes culture will be our downfall. 🧐

I think robots will be the epitome of our world, TBH (if that's the correct term to use). Once they are used to control and surveil places, that will be the downfall of the Matrix as we know it. Jesus, on the other hand, will probably come sometime in the next melinium max. We are already entering the Revelation.

If you watch the news you're misinformed and if you don't watch the news you're uninformed.

I watch the news to be informed on what I'm being misinformed on so I'm not uninformed.

See what I did there? 😉

I follow news outlets like the Epoch Times and the Blaze. No MSM for me! That stuff has become plain propaganda!

It's terrifying that this is just what we know of publicly out there for AI music generation. Maybe we are deeper than I thought.

How do you know what's real or AI-generated?

Getting "F U money" isn't about getting rich. 🧐

It's about acquiring enough money to fund a reasonable lifestyle that allows you to say and do what you really want without any nonsense. 💸

For example, a rich lawyer is still beholden to clients (not free) 💡

Money isn't everything. We must use it for the better

While every attempt at synthetic crypto stocks has failed, Terra is still doing it with Mirror but has an SEC lawsuit against them that is pretty straightforward.

Will Terra be the only one to win? Highly unlikely. I don't think crypto stocks are a reality yet. 🧐 However, I absolutely support it and want to see more synthetic stock solutions.

What do you think?

What are some important things to have in place for your finance? 💸🤔
I'll start:
- Multiple bank accounts
- Multiple stock investing accounts
- Cash stash
- Precious metals
- Backup phone
- Hardware crypto wallet
- Prepaid Visas
- Safe
- Surveillance for physical assets

I'm expecting the best answers here from Charlie

charlie brownau
3 months ago


Im thinking more of the future past 2030, Great Reset and the fruits of the artifcal shortage supply issue

* 2000 physical cash - notes
* 500 physical cash - coins

* 1500 dollars - Silver
* 1500 dollars - gold

Trading Items
* aliumum bars , copper , Tin, Bronze,etc

Men will need to be able to make
- Tools, Simple Machines, Wire and parts with raw metal
in SHTF/grid down without powergrid/power tools
Plastic shit wont survive in the long term

* Money/document Safe
* Printed Birth cert
* Printed photo of close family
* Daily money tin
* Currency + measurement converting chart (paper printed)
* Weight scales analogue
* stainless steel ruler
* Abacus

* Food seeds
* Gobag - 72 hours
* Water - 24 hours/72 hours/Week
+ Water purfying tabets

* Food dyred/dehydrated
* Yeast
* Achoul

* Medicine
* Medkit

* AM/FM + SW listen radio(Portable)
* CB/HAM Radio (Portable)
* Radio frequency list
* Portable phone handset (tap into phone lines or make intercom)

* Physical Map + Compass + String + signal Mirror
* Pencil + sharper + writing paper

* Calculator without batteries needed - old ones with solar panel

* old casio watch (batteries in these lasts for ages)

* Kitchen stuff
Sharp Meat Cutting Knife
Fire starting
Cast Iron Pan
Cast Iron Dutch Oven
Stainless steel pot
Stainless Steel + wood cooking implements

* Men - Handheld tools + toolchest
Hammer, screwdriver, ruler , pliers
hand saw,etc

Also you want a motobike, van/ute that is simple without
gps , efi or any complex parts, older the better

If your outside the city
grow your own vegies
raise your own meat - quail, pigeons, rabbit, chicken, Guinea Pigs
aquaponics - fish/vegies

Also grow
Bamboo - Wood, sh1t paper, kitchen fork/spon/etc
Hemp - Wood , Paper , Clothes Material, medicine

Bow + arrows

You dont need a freedom seed loading 'gun'

Infact I would recommend people buy a METAL airsoft or METAL GEL BLASTER
they look like 'assault guns' but are toys
without black power 'bullets'
as they are legal toys, but look like the 'real thing'
and if your in a group it might keep people away
from yourself/your group if you look like your packed
and loaded

A strong solid bow that you can repair and build your own arrows is going to be more useful in grid-down/shtf
buy spare bow string !