Convict Justice | Super COVID | Conservative? What is being conserved? Nothing.

Today we talk about a lot of subjects, from Convict Justice to the failures of the cucky duck con inc crowd!

Strap in, keep your hands and feet in the ride. First the good news.

Inmate sentenced to 24 years for brutal murder of leader
of international child porn ring in Michigan prison ... Pedo SCUM BAG ... died from multiple stab wounds
(28 total) and blunt force trauma to the head."

Super COVID? GERM WARFARE: Boston University claims to have
developed new covid strain that kills eight out of 10
victims ...New and improved.

Justin Trudeau Uses "Administrative Action" To Ban All
Handgun Sales In Canada ... Tyrants hate guns!

Will the Left Allow Voters to Take Back Power?

No they won't! The Left does not share power,

What is being conserved?
True Conservatism is about ensuring OUR
People survive, to enjoy the use of Our own
land, under Our own laws, by the lights of
Our own culture.
The Captive Right of 'Conservatism Inc'(tm)
are liberal-PC-Cultural-Marxists whose job is
to play act like they stand for the Majority
as they in fact sell out the majority
'conservative' citizens to the money bags
that fund both the Captive Right and the
treason lobby Left.
Hear us our people, and weep for your
nation as it has been betrayed. We have
been sold for 30 pennies by Judas to the
money lenders.
These plutocrats and economic elites have
spared no expense to ensure that all
'allowed' or 'respectable' voices are bought
by themselves. (This is why Trump has them
so worked up as he is NOT bought by them
and cannot be trusted to keep their
'arrangements' in place. However back to
our narrative. )
The Historical Majority Rightful People of the
West are nearly a minority. The Christian
values of the west are almost cast down.
The lands of the Western Peoples are being
invaded and appropriated by foreign hordes
of pillaging, raping, culture destroyers.
All this while conservatism inc seems to
fiddle among the smoldering tire fires in the
streets of the cities which were once the
Western lands, like some sort of collective
Fires meant to burn out the foundations of
the West. Fires meant to force us by fear
and necessity to submit to PC multiculture
and its death cult beliefs derived from
Marxism's theories about 'universal
Fires started by the direct action of the Left,
Captive 'Right' and Big Money that backs
both of the wings of the Two party facade
called 'democracy' which a farce and a fraud
– the Demos – that is the majority historical
people – are silenced and keep out of 'archy'
– that is power by all means fair and foul.
Fires started by subversives given legal
protection by the Left and enabled by the
'conservative' leadership who have long
since sold out to the false idols of the Leftist
Cult called Multiculture Political Correctness
– false leaders who value mammon over
main street; money over mom and apple pie
– false leaders who are perfectly willing to
fall on their face on command from PC, Big
Money and the Left's Diversity – and
tolerate it as well. Fires, looting, pillaging …
and the Captive Right nary utters a whimper
and that is because:
The left dictates the morality and the captive
'right' submits. (See: St. MLK)

It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
But bottom comes -- then we can build upon Firm footings of family and
#Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion
#WhiteRights #WhiteCulture
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans
#Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #WhiteSurvival #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages

charlie brownau
2 years ago

Jewish control is being conserved
Statism is being conserved
Agenda 21 is being conserved
White Genocide is being conserved

White French Girl Raped and Murdered by Diversity | Body Parts Sold | Race Hate For Whites is Real

Open race hate (For Whites) forms much of
MSNBC's substance

Woman charged in murder of Paris girl boasted about
‘selling body parts’

The homeless woman charged in the murder of a 12-
year-old Paris girl who was found stuffed inside a
suitcase reportedly told investigators that she had forced
the child to take a shower before sexually assaulting her
— and then boasted about “selling body parts.”
A 24-year-old woman has been charged with murder,
rape and torture after allegedly slitting the throat of a
French schoolgirl and placing her corpse inside a
suitcase ...
Lola’s mutilated body was found stuffed in a suitcase
several streets away from her home with her hands and
feet bound with tape.
The numerals 1 and 0 were also bizarrely written in red
on the soles of her feet, according to AFP. Earlier, it was
reported that the numbers were “placed” on her corpse.
The young girl died due to “cardio-respiratory failure
with signs of asphyxia and cervical compression,”
according to the autopsy, which said she also had other
wounds on her face and back, as well as large gashes on
her neck.
“Evidence suggests that the girl was taken into the
basement of the flat, where she was tortured and raped
before being strangled and having her throat cut,”
Kansas City, MO: On October 6, a 23-year-old Black
male named Ja’Von Taylor was inside a gas station
berating the female clerk because the store didn't have
the cigars he wanted.

The man was told to leave, and when he continued his
verbal harassment of the clerk, Tony Santi - a White 41-
year-old Kansas City fireman - stepped in and told
Taylor that he needed to leave.

Taylor began threatening Santi, and the men ended up in
the parking lot where Taylor - a convicted felon legally
prohibited from possessing a firearm - retrieved a
handgun with an extended clip, now intending to kill
Santi. Taylor was out on a suspended sentence/probation
for First Degree Armed Robbery because that's how
"systemic White Supremacy" works.

After a few moments of screaming at the men to stop
fighting, Taylor's girlfriend fired the gun at Tony Santi,
killing him.

Prosecutors have decided to file NO CHARGES against
the woman who shot and killed Tony Santi.

They hate you ...
Criminal Cartels Have More Control of Our Border
Than Biden Does The Biden Administration needs to be held accountable for its attack on America.

FBI Rewarded Agents Who Took a Knee in Support of
Black Lives Matter Riots ...
Biden Regime to Investigate Elon Musk’s Twitter
Acquisition – Joe Biden Could Kill the Takeover Using
National Security Excuse ...
After disastrous inflation numbers are released, Biden’s
economic advisor declares things are “moving in the
right direction”

With that:

Remember that all day every day equality is a lie. Our Nation first and only --- Since no border no real country or nation or identity -- false BS about humanity is a lie.

No Border -- No White America.

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children. Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.

#ItsOkayToBeWhite #WhiteRights #WhiteReplacement #WhiteGenocide #ZOG #ADL
#BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #ADL #BLM #CNN #USA #WhiteAmerica #ItsOkayToBeWhite #WhiteRights #WhiteHistory #WhiteCulture #LetMyPeopleGo #USAPrisonHouse #GULAGUSA #LockDownUSA #GreatReset #GreatReplacement #ReplacementImmingration #JEWS #Antisemitism #ProWhite #ProMale #AntiWhite #AntiMale #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #European

Insider Trading, Tyranny and Destitution | We have every right to reject this!

This pseudo life for Whites in the West is a kind of living death -- one fit for slaves not free men! Free men are not told what they can say or think by any weasel worded lawyers or tech platforms.
The West is not free for all its blather about liberty.

Eat the bugs; live in the pods; look at the prole view; keep eyes to the ground ... Are you convicts?

To the News:

Insider trading uncovered: Over 2,600 senior federal
officials owned or traded stocks in companies their
agencies oversee ...
Across the federal government, more than 400 officials
owned or traded stocks from Chinese companies,
including the White House and Department of State
officials. Their investments averaged between $1.9 to
$6.6 million each year.

Bank of America warns: US economy could lose
175,000 jobs a month next year due to Fed’s inflation

Fact check: PayPal has NOT rescinded its policy of
looting user accounts for thousands of dollars when they
don’t like what you say

#replacementmigration #WhiteGenocide #WhiteHistory
#WhiteCulture #WhiteRights #WhiteRace #Invasion
#ColorBlindCucks #GOP #WhitePower #WhitePride
#Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion
#WhiteRights #WhiteCulture
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa
#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority
#Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture
#WesternPride #EuroAmericans
#Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community
#CommonGood #WhiteSurvival #Family #fatherhood
#motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages
#Autarky #Freedom #respect #honor #dignity #loyalty
#duty #right #frugality #dedication #courage
#nation #honestwork #honestpay #honestgovernment
#honestelections #commongood #breakthebondsofusury
#publicbank #publiccredit
PC did not just appear from the ether. It is the bastard
off spring of Consumerism and Marxism with a bit of
Feminism, Freud, and Maoist group think for good
measure! It is a Spiritual-Emotional-Physical package
designed to open Nations up to be sold to the Market
while they are destroyed by witch-crafts and polluted by
abomination, gluttony, greed, lusts of all sorts, and
generally reduced material minded lowly vile servile
brutes and beasts.
Hear this and understand it: We the White Western
Peoples are being systemically eliminated, from our
own history, lands and more and more mentally,
spiritually being castrated to serve as the whipping boys
of PC's reformation, of the world as we know, and love
it. We must refuse this fate, and resist this foul ending of
our great civilization.
We have an absolute duty, and every just right to fight
back against PC because it is anti-popular, anti-
Nationalist, and anti-Life. It is simply put a death pact,
which was forced upon us, which we want no part of
and: We are not alone.
There are millions of us that simply have not yet had the
courage to stand up publicly for their beliefs, but in their
hearts they are with us.


Daily reminder,
If "White supremacy" actually existed, you wouldn't be
allowed to question or criticize it.
But look around you, "White supremacy", and White
people in general, are attacked on at every level of
society - in schools and universities, in movies and TV
shows, all across the spectrum of social media, in the
military, in government, and in the job market.
Who encourages these attacks upon us as group and as
persons as even a historical ideal?
The infestation of judeo propaganda in the West has
created an environment where the hatred of White's and
White's only have been normilized while they're uniting
every other ethnic group against us.
Obviously trash like this wouldn't get printed if it were
any other race that was focused on for "ending". This
isn't hidden or a conspiracy theory, but yet somehow
Conservatives still can't seem to inflate their cowardly
balls big enough to stand up for their own people.
They cry "divide and conquer" anytime we stick reality
in their faces because they just can't seem to figure out
that we are the only ones being divided, while every
other group is being united against us.
The devil cannot create… only infiltrate and pervert.
The nature of the evil that has a hold on them is such
that there is no bottom to their degeneracy. They will act
out and abuse and mutilate and pervert and sodomize
and destroy until someone stops them.
Once you understand that... you understand that
"tolerance" is no longer an option.
You can see his fingerprints (and those of his ever-eager
race of servants) all over the Western world.
Almost nothing that you and I would agree is now evil
was created so… it all existed, at one time or another,
without the rancid smell of sulfur surrounding its every
We have democracy where the will of the people is
actively subverted and irrelevant.
Freedom of speech where silence is strictly enforced
when it comes to anything that’s actually worth saying.
“Women” who are dark, demonic imitations of
femininity with absent wombs and painted faces and
receding hairlines.
Men with testosterone levels that are no longer
Art that discourages and depresses rather than inspires
and edifies.
Churches that disarm the saints instead of equipping
Borders that exist only on maps and in the minds of men
and women who now find themselves as enemies of the
nation they were born into.
Entertainment that perverts and subverts instead of
delighting and amusing.
Schools that brutalize and demoralize instead of
enriching and instructing.
Communities that alienate and slowly rot away instead
of uniting and growing together.
Wherever you see this sort of thing… KNOW that evil
is at work.
KNOW that tolerating it is no good, KNOW that
ignoring it is now impossible, KNOW that relying on
established laws and protocols to defeat it is a fool’s
You MUST oppose it with everything you have and you
must fight against it until it is utterly defeated.
They are of their Father Satan. A perverted
diminished form of life favored by the ill fated hordes of
The Jew is Test for the Faithful.
Over Come and preserver to the End: Gain Life.
Give in to them: Become as Death living.
God Wills It!

The sickest part of our culture's descent into darkness?
Everyone assumes you're for faggotry, child mutilation,
inevitable nuclear war, and endless diversity unless you
actually speak up and say you're not.
The embrace of the demonic is PRESUPPOSED, it's by default,
it's a factory setting.
So, speak up.
Tell them what you really think. Massive overwhelming
narrative rejection, truthful counter narratives, and noncompliance
might be sufficient to break their power.
Who is they?
Two possibilities:
1. There’s been a global conspiracy to maliciously
malign innocent Jews for thousands of years for no
reason at all.
2. Jews keep doing stuff normal people don’t like.
Which seems more likely.

Jews have no right to expect us to be PRO-Jewish by
default ... They are SO VILE RUDE and uncharitible
they need a hurtie word to insult you with if you don't
automatically bow down to their bullshit demands!
Save the bullshit about Hitler.

It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
But bottom comes -- then we can build upon Firm footings of family and
#Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion
#WhiteRights #WhiteCulture
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans
#Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #WhiteSurvival #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages

charlie brownau
2 years ago

Fark crapchute

12 Signs that Goblin Usurers Rule your Nation | Truth is the new Anti-Semitism

The Sad State of Things ... Look at what your 'best president ever' did for OTHERS NOT YOU ... Israel is not the USA. Jews are not my first concern. WHITES ARE MY ONLY CENTER OF GRAVITY.
We have a little talk about who and what has overthrown the White Western World.
Hint: Its not da Democrats ...
To the Readings:

No President has done more for Israel than I have. Goblin have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in #Israel - Before it is too late!

12 Signs Your Country is in an Abusive Relationship
with Goblin

[1] Verbal abuse: nearly every Jewish commentator,
journalist & official describes White founding stock
Americans as reprehensible & wantonly violent, despite
all evidence to the contrary
[2] Threatening behavior: Goblin of the Government
convene monthly to plot with increasingly draconian
measures, against Whites. Their installed Biden gives
speeches menacing Whites
[3] Controlling behavior by abuser: No disagreement
with the Jewish narrative is allowed. Americans are
cancelled, de-platformed & denied basic services for
questioning, disagreeing with or noticing the abusive
behavior of Goblin
[4] The abuser gaslights the victim: Goblin insist upon
"education" centered upon contrived “Holocaust” stories
which suggest the nature of the European man is cruel
& sadistic. In a classroom full of children of European
descent, the intended effect to shame & demoralize hits
its mark, year after year after year
[5] Financial control by abuser: Nearly all Federal
security grant programs are fleeced by Jewish
organizations for their exclusive use. To date, over a
trillion dollars of the American taxpayers' money has
been given to Israel, callously leaving Americans in an
increasingly descending quality of life

[6] Minimizing or denying the suffering of the victim:
[a] Whites were slaves of the Ottoman Empire in
conditions that make "Roots" look like summer camp &
in far greater numbers than blacks in the Trans Atlantic
slave trade (a Jewish enterprise) but this is not even
mentioned in our schools nor media nor film - all
controlled by Goblin.
[b] Whites can't be the victims of hate crimes because
they are "privileged." The millions of Whites victimized
by blacks and other POX is ignored and alternately
encouraged by the constant anti-White narrative
broadcast by Goblin. Cases where a White person can be
framed in a negative light; however, are highlighted and
amplified by the Jewish owned media to hysterical

[7] Blaming the victim: Whites are assaulted, maimed
and murdered routinely by blacks which Jewish media
and propaganda passing as "education" fully
encourages. #CRT Cases where a White person has been
murdered are excused by the Jewish media when any
black assailant claims "they said 'nigger.'"
[8] Abuse of children by abuser:
[a] Goblin insist upon access to White children to
brainwash, blame, demoralize as well as surgically and
chemically castrate with their products, for profit
#TevaPharmaceuticals Being "anti-trans" is anti-
Semitic, we are told. The entire "science" was a Jewish
project begun in Germany 100 years ago
[b] White schoolgirls were groomed and abused by the
Espstein-Maxwell grooming/rape
project in order to create sexual exploitation videos to
be used to blackmail prominent figures for the benefit of
Israeli intelligence.
[9] Accusing the victim of perceived slights: Having the
highest incidence of paranoid schizophrenia coupled
with a deep-seated ethnic hatred for Whites, Goblin
amplify, invent and exaggerate purported wrongs done
to them.
[10] Demeaning behaviors and attitude toward victim:
Whites are portrayed in all Jewish media (adverts, films,
etc.) as villainous, incompetent, inbred, and
unintelligent, routinely. This while all evidence is,
again, to the contrary. Whites have their proud history
ignored and erased by Jewish entertainment where
prominent White people in history and legend are
portrayed instead by blacks. (Netflix, Disney, BBC, et.
[11] Harassment of the victim publicly Unless a White is slavishly
subservient to Goblin, their media will slander and destroy
them, publicly.
[[12] Overdose of medication/Growing health issues of
the victim: The Jewish Sackler family, Purdue Pharma,
said at the launch party for Oxycontin in the 1990’s that
the coming 'prescription blizzard' would be 'deep, dense
and White,' according to a bombshell court filing by the
Massachusetts Attorney General.

White children at school are told they are cruel, evil and
despicable and are, fortunately, going extinct.

And if you speak out you are a nazi ... Well I am a nazi! LOL!

#ItsOkayToBeWhite #WhiteRights #WhiteReplacement #WhiteGenocide #ZOG #ADL

"RACIST BAGS" | GOP Putting the Con in Conservative | Agent Elvis Chan

This is where we're at.

A Liberian enters the United States and slaughters a 14-
year-old White girl in a Fargo, ND parking lot in broad
daylight - but the real problem is people delivering
"racist bags" that show the consequences of what that
Liberian, Arthur Kollie, did to his victim, Jupiter
The article, from Fargo's 'Valley News Live,' explains
that the bags contained "language relating to a recent
local court case."
A "court case."
Not the twenty-minute-long public stabbing death of
Jupiter Paulsen at the hands of Arthur Kollie... just a
"court case."
"The Great Replacement And Its Consequences" read
the postcards inside the bags - featuring Arthur Kollie's
mugshot juxtaposed against a photo released by Jupiter's
dad of her comatose body in the wake of the stabbing,
shortly before she succumbed to her injuries.
A clearer, more truthful message could not possibly be
But truth is treason - and we are the Empire of Lies.
So... West Fargo Police Chief Denis Otterness is
righteously outraged that Americans used their right to
free speech to make a point about the circumstances that
led to Jupiter's murder.
"We certainly don’t support and won’t tolerate this kind
of thing taking place in our community. It really goes
against everything that the city stands for, and what the
police department stands for and that’s why we want to
get to the bottom of who’s behind it."
"A lot of this is probably going to be covered under the
First Amendment, you know free speech. There are
other lower-level ordinance violations we may be able
to find. It really depends on the way the investigation
The West Fargo Police Department's top priority is
"getting to the bottom of who's behind" a First
Amendment-protected activity so that they can then
trying to cobble together any possible oddball charges,
no matter how deep in the books they must dig -
something... anything... so long as they can find a way
to punish White American citizens for the thought crime
of not wanting to be murdered by Liberians who have
been delivered to their cities by the US Government.
This is how any trace of White survival instinct is
treated in our culture of death.
Your lack of enthusiasm for Liberians murdering your
children is Racism™.
Law enforcement officials vow revenge upon you for
committing no actual crime.
You will be replaced.
And you will be punished for protesting your
Emperor Greenblatt demands blood upon the Anti-
White altar of the ADL and, by gawd, Chief Otterness
of West Fargo, ND will deliver it.

Empowering the deep state: Biden secretly signs
executive order unleashing the U.S. surveillance state
on Americans. The point of this is intimidate and terrify Biden's
political opponents

The RINO Party and Putting the ‘Con’ into
Conservatism. The Republican Party is and has always been the RINO Party.

On the home front ...
Can’t Make This Up… FBI Sends Out Far Left Agent
Elvis Chan Who Led Efforts to Censor Hunter Laptop
Story to Tell Americans that the FBI Is Protecting

FBI Agent and serial liar Elvis Chan
The FBI sent out Agent Elvis Chan this week to ensure
Americans that the 2022 midterm election will be “the
safest election yet.”
Elvis Chan

With that:

Remember that all day every day equality is a lie. Our Nation first and only --- Since no border no real country or nation or identity -- false BS about humanity is a lie.

No Border -- No White America.

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children. Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.

#BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #StopTheCaravan

#gop #israel #judas

#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #ADL #BLM #CNN #USA #WhiteAmerica #ItsOkayToBeWhite #WhiteRights #WhiteHistory #WhiteCulture #LetMyPeopleGo #USAPrisonHouse #GULAGUSA #LockDownUSA #GreatReset #GreatReplacement #ReplacementImmingration #JEWS #Antisemitism #ProWhite #ProMale #AntiWhite #AntiMale #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #European

Life tips, stew and the state of the things about us | Still better news than TV media.

Your favorite recipes, bands, books, movies or just life advice. The cheapest stew to live off.
Many men nowadays are seeking answers that their fathers where never there to teach them.
Please and thank you.

GOP are controlled opposition for the #CRT #COMMUNIST WHO OWN THE #USA! Color Blindness is a boomer condition not a virtue! Life is found by rejecting this silly nonsense. One Human Race is a Marxist LIE!
GOP: We care; just not about you Racist White Folks!
White Folks: Why do we vote GOP?

Media: Shut up racists! Vote GOP or we will call you HITLER NEXT!
And yet this is not exactly a caricature of the cycle we have all seen: GOP 'wins' an election; does exactly what the Dems would have done but with OTHER RHETORIC; and joins media chorus in denouncing any Whites that complain as racist nazi hitlers!
And White put up with it like punks!
The 'I need a based {Diversity Unit} to speak for me' bunch are slaves already!

They can't even pipe up for their self interests as a group or as individuals! They are deracinated ... slaves without past, future and who just live in a mindless now like a cow.

My liberal neighbor was spouting off about how us evil Europeans probably caused 100 million or more indigenous people to disappear upon settling North America. Best estimates as far as I know are that between the Rio Grande and the tundra there were at most perhaps 3 million when Columbus discovered the Americas. The US didn't have a population of 100 million until about 1915...think of the infrastructure that was necessary to sustain that population

Wrong think in process:
FBI: Yes How can I help you ma'am?
Rando Kando: I was offended.
RK: Surely he was talking about natural orders and other icky racist things like 'his own country' ... GASP
FB: *GASP* Okay ma'am death squad in bound.
/Swating complete | RaKo happy

With that:

Remember that all day every day equality is a lie. Our Nation first and only --- Since no border no real country or nation or identity -- false BS about humanity is a lie.

No Border -- No White America.

A #White #EthnoState was the design of #TheFounders of #TheUnitedStatesofAmerica. They fought a SUPER POWER in #GreatBritain to gain a homeland for Free WHITE and over 21 baby. That is a fact children. Thank God, Said John Jay, that we have ONE culture and language to bind us -- that they were 90% British Subjects surely helped.

#BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals #MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #StopTheCaravan

#gop #israel #judas

#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #ADL #BLM #CNN #USA #WhiteAmerica #ItsOkayToBeWhite #WhiteRights #WhiteHistory #WhiteCulture #LetMyPeopleGo #USAPrisonHouse #GULAGUSA #LockDownUSA #GreatReset #GreatReplacement #ReplacementImmingration #JEWS #Antisemitism #ProWhite #ProMale #AntiWhite #AntiMale #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans #European

A Columbus Day Talk | We matter | Our Holidays Matter

Today is Columbus Day. Once we celebrated ourselves and our history.
But America has turned into a weak spineless nation that
worships at the feet of communists, blacks, browns,
yellows, reds, and really any non-WHITE who
promises to promote HATE for Traditional WHITE

Its Founders would not recognize their own baby.
The Slaves are the Teachers of the Owners in upside down inside out land!

It is really pathetic to watch people get all worked up
over 'Dr Kings' dream when his gibberish was JUST and
ONLY standard COMMIE BOILER PLATE for the time and
place. There was then and is now nothing 'special' or
unique about any of his Marxist-Leninist Gibberish.
Saint Marching Looting is literally just a subversive
communist. And I for one am glad his 'work' was
stopped cold by rifle shots since the FBI did not have
the stones to end his subversion. Now we need to
work on erasing his memory. If the commies can
attempt erase our history we can SURELY black bag
their lies.

" I reject political correctness. I reject
mass immigration. I reject being replaced in my own
land like replaceable parts.
I reject the insane notion that my neighborhoods have been enriched by the
diversity which has brought violence crime poverty
disease and every other undesirable characteristic in
its wake.

I reject the idea that my people are just the same as
every other and have no unique value whatsoever,
who moreover should like panda bears just become
minorities in our own lands. I reject white guilt. I
reject enforced equality affirmative action and so
called tolerance which is in fact the majority
happening to tolerate minorities bad actions.

I reject international country club elitists looking down
their nose at me while they tell me that I have to give
up everything I love for their profits. I reject the caviar
socialist who wish to steal everything I love in the
name of their fantasy utopia.

And I reject the idea that it is hatred to love my own
people, my own land,my own way of life, my own
laws and to wish to keep them, just as I reject the
insane notion that it's hatred to prefer my own kind,
my own country, and my own ways over foreign kinds,
countries, and ways.

I reject PC's nonsense shaming words, finding PC to be
lacking in moral character, and therefore lacking in
any standing, to judge me in any matter whatsoever."

Until the normal person out there can say, these things
and mean them, as well as carry through with the
actions necessary, beginning with rejecting the two
party phony system, we the majority will remain slaves
to political correctness and neoliberalism, and
therefore be nothing more than the property of the
international money bag class who own the American

It really comes down to folks do you want to be free, or
do you want to live under political correctness and the
rainbow fantasy, while you are bled dry by golden calf
worshiping carpetbaggers?

Give me my liberty under God and Freedom of action among Men!
Let No Tyrants keep us in bondage.
God Bless Fam.

But at any rate these quality thoughts on how #ItsOkayToBeWhite are 100%
of monetary cost. We never will have the Shekel Cup out for donations.

It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
But bottom comes -- then we can build upon Firm footings of family and
#Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion
#WhiteRights #WhiteCulture
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans
#Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #WhiteSurvival #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages

Communists Zionists and Traitors aplenty! | Green is the New Red! | A verbal journey to Freedom!

Communists Zionists and Traitors a plenty!
Another verbal journey ... Hello y'all how doing today? Well we hope lambs, well.
The top as always is us speaking our mind: Free form mental poetry. We just rant and rave and sometimes resonate with folks; why? We are the the only one in this sinking ship called Western Civ. No there are many of us. We are not alone. We are many. So what matters? We Matter White Fam! We Matter! Our LIves have worth and value! We matter!
White Matters! Its Okay to Be White!
Now to the News:
Biden’s “green” agenda tied to communist China: fossil
fuel phase-out to be accelerated after midterms ... Dozens of researchers from top US nuclear facility now
working for Communist China, report claims .. Unemployment will soar to 5.6 percent by the end of
next year, according to a revised forecast from Bank of
If Democrats win the midterm elections
this November, the Biden regime’s “green” energy
agenda will hit the fast lane with the blessing of the
Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
House Republicans are warning that the Natural
Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a major U.S.
green group linked to Biden policymaking, has deep ties
to the Chinese government, which wants for nothing
more than to cripple the United States economy.

Nord Stream pipeline SABOTAGE clearly orchestrated
by ruthless Biden regime: Nuland, Biden and Sen.
Johnson all demanded “ending it permanently” by any
means necessary

By blowing up Nord Stream, the USA has managed to
set events into motion that will collapse Western Europe
as we know it, transforming a First World continent into
a Third World hellhole of starvation, destitution,
unemployment and industrial annihilation.
As energy costs soar, steel production in Europe on
verge of collapse which will have catastrophic ripple
effects across global economy
Media Cartels? ... these cartels
“ARE allowed to exclude based on the usual, totally
subjective, factors they always do, such as:
‘trustworthiness,’ ‘fake news, ‘extremism,’
‘misinformation,’ ‘hate speech,’ ‘conspiracy,’
‘correction policy,’ ‘expertise,’ ‘authoritativeness,’ etc.,” ... gatekeeper power gives Facebook and Google the
ability to distort the flow of information ...

But at any rate these quality thoughts on how #ItsOkayToBeWhite are 100%
of monetary cost. We never will have the Shekel Cup out for donations.

It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
But bottom comes -- then we can build upon Firm footings of family and
#Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion
#WhiteRights #WhiteCulture
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans
#Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #WhiteSurvival #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages

Another reading of the News and Our Comments on a 1000 things.

‘stand tall, stay loyal, remain free, and always
value honor.’
We start out with a talk about the nature of things. The fact is that is God's creation race among Humans exists, they are not equal that is absurd baby think. There is no One Human Race that is a lie, a dirty Marxist Lie.

The Bled Red Crowd are Anti White Scum who want me to hate on myself for existing!

Race is manifest! It Exists! We exist White Man! We Matter!
Stick with us a while. We LET OUR MIND UNREEL ...

Then we get to the news.

Tucker Carlson spoke at the Stockton,
California funeral of Hells Angels founder Sonny
Barger on Saturday, where he delivered a speech to the
crowd assembled in Barger’s honor and called on
Americans to heed the biker’s words to “remain free”
and “value honor.”

Speak the Truth?

Okay: We live in a fake democracy --
They yammer on endlessly about democracy,
but then at the same time, they do their best to avoid
democracy's most basic requirements like free speech
and representative government.
FBI whistleblower reveals bureau has stepped up spying
on pro-Trump conservatives as politicization worsens
FBI punishing whistleblowers who dare to reveal the
politicization of agency under Biden

Why the heavy hand?
Farmers Warn of Severe Food Shortages
Beyond Their Control ... Americans Have Lost $4,200 in Annual Income ... 71% of Workers Are Poorer Under
Inflation, up from February’s 58% ...

So What does that mean for you lambs?

New York Wants $500 Million from Americans to
House New Migrant Workforce .. You racist whites need to pay more.
Roughly 408,000 migrants — or 54 percent — of the
750,000 are in the four states of California, New York,
Texas, and Florida, even though those states comprise
only 33 percent of the population, according to the
September 26 report in the Washington Post.

Why not deport them all?
Why not be free of this death cult?

God Bless Nationalist Fam.

Your own Faith and Courage are your best last resort!
But at any rate these quality thoughts on how #ItsOkayToBeWhite are 100%
of monetary cost. We never will have the Shekel Cup out for donations.
It amazes us that the White Race has fallen this far this fast. Mind boggling.
But bottom comes -- then we can build upon Firm footings of family and folk.
#Border #BorderSecurity #BorderWall #DeportThemAll #DeportIllegals
#MakeAmericaSafeAgain #StopTheInvasion
#WhiteRights #WhiteCulture
#WhiteHistory #DefendEurope #DefendEuropa #EthnoCommunity
#Nationalists #WhiteIdentity #Whites #WhiteMajority #Nations #Folk #People #WesternMan #WesternCulture #WesternPride #EuroAmericans
#Home #Hearth #Heritage #Community #CommonGood #WhiteSurvival #Family #fatherhood #motherhood #cleanstreets #goodjobs #properwages #Autarky #Freedom #respect #honor #dignity #loyalty #duty #right #frugality #dedication #courage
#nation #honestwork #honestpay #honestgovernment #honestelections #commongood #breakthebondsofusury #publicbank #publiccredit