I'm semi-retired at the moment. Needed to leave the workforce to concentrate on getting back into shape both spiritually and physically. Decided to pick up a new hobby during my time away from the workforce. Here's what I've been playing around with. This is a #totebag that I just completed. I wanted to make something with an Autumn theme. #totebags


TH, you're back! You and I won't be moving to New York any time soon. That place is becoming like Nazi Germany or Soviet Ukraine. What a trash hole!

SMH... No commentary from me. This speaks for itself.


Thought I'd throw this one back out there. :)

Why am I feeling like this whole Corona virus thing is just a horrible version of a Fallout video game? Each country is like a vault participating in it's own social experiment, and no one but those in charge know the details.

The fallout might come from the Taliban 😯