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* Flat Earth Plane Realm
* Space is fake and gay
* SOFIA is Humble

My next keyboard investment Im considering
Im sick and tired of plastic crap

* Metal Keyboard

- Metal keys (CNC aluminium keycaps)
Video -

- Metal Keyboard (RGB backlit)
Keychron Q1 QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard Knob Version (USBC)
Video -

#keyboard #custom #75% #RGB #backlit #caps #metal #steal #solid

Friday Afternoon Trucking in ATS with Endeavor OS (Linux)
#ATS #trucking #Friday

Only a few hours until Friday afternoon for me 😄

Meet the Sniper, But it's the Australian Dub (Team Fortress 2)

dont be a shitcunt - standards

Is Equal Opportunity actually Equality of Opportunity
since it never ends with treating people the 'same' or 'equal'
its always Equal Outcome

OMFG this guys setup for Trucking

Only thing he seems to be missing is a phsyical cb radio for microphone
#trucking #DIY #SIM #ATS #ETS #videogaming #PCMR

Look who created the Libertarian moverment

This is why we will never have 'small goverment'

Because they are ANOTHER controlled opposition group
to keep goyim locked into the statist system

#Libertarian #Statism #uniparty #fruad #control #controlled-opposition #taxation #brainwashed #goyim

The 'GLOBE" model is only a recent 100 year scam in the cult of trust the science

Earth is flat plane realm

Bible mentions earth is flat and has a Firmament

Who do you belive Christians

or Goverment + mainstream + offical 'science"

or is truth based on reality, facts, repeatable verifable science

Typically Christianity has been bashed for being ANTI SCIENCE
yet look at where we are

More then 2 genders
Anti White
ANti Male
Anti Nation
International Equality
Fake money
climate fruad