Women: You Will Get Old and Men Will Lose Interest
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Hitting the Wall
Over 35
Human Traits
Single Women
Sexual Marketplace

When a man marries a woman, he is to love her to the end, as she is to him. As they each get older, they're attraction will age with them.

Are people finally waking up to controlled opposition and disinfo agents

Owen benjamin (half white/half jewish) theory on whites being invaded by non whites he blamed whites 99%? Why?

So he completely ignores the jews influence on housing loans civil rights feminism etc etc..
His big thing is to say so blacks are better then whites they are destroying America

The he says ohhh the jews I thought they were a weak slimy pedo minority how can they beat the majority whites...
You can see him explaining his theories towards the start of this


Why couldn't you just say he was white? Most Jews are, anyway. That's what makes them hypocritical.

charlie brownau
3 days ago

You are wrong STILL

Jews are a seperate genetic human group
They have 'white' skin
but are not genetically 'white' (European)

charlie brownau
3 days ago

No real infomration is coming out that the current 'jews'
are not the same genetic group as jews in the bible

They renamed their race to claim they are the jews are the bible

fucking parasites and cultural stealers

Israelie aka Palestine people are arabs
not white
not jewish

Please explain to me how they are not the same. They even make the same mistakes as they did in the Bible.

Insider reveal of Gab Server farm


Andrew Torba Portrays Himself As An Alt-Tech Messiah (TTOR) [JoshwhoTV]
- https://www.joshwhotv.com/v/.QD4vnQ
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#kosher #censorship #harm #misinformation #mahfeelings

Where is this " REAL Christianity "

Where is the foundation princples
Where is the organised group
Where is the poltical group
Where is the banking system
Where is the commmunity
Where is the real christian group willing to reject Agenda 21, Plandemic, ZOG, Israel and Anti Whites
Where is the 'real christianity' that fucking cares about the white genocide in white nations

It doesnt exist
because christians dont stand for fucking anything
you are part of the problem

You can be Christian and stand against all of those. How many times do we have to tell you?

4 days ago

@Republic4nPower This is just more of Charlie raging against God because he doesn't like being held accountable for his own sin that he has committed against God and other people. Let him rage until he's ready to actually be honest with himself about who he really is.

@TTOR13 Fair enough. Thanks for the reminder 👍

charlie brownau
4 days ago

I reject that people are automatically guity for 'sin'

Australia has recorded 12 times more Deaths in 10 months
due to the Covid-19 Vaccines than Deaths due to all other Vaccines combined in 51 years


#science #stats #deaths #convid #jab #Bigphama #Agenda21 #GreatReset #depopulation #WEF #UN #2030

Australia has recorded 12 times more Deaths in 10 months
due to the Covid-19 Vaccines than Deaths due to all other Vaccines combined in 51 years

#science #stats #deaths #convid #jab #Bigphama #Agenda21 #GreatReset #depopulation #WEF #UN #2030