Sorry for my lack of posts, guys. I've been exploring Elon Musk's renewed Twitter for the past couple of days. My username there is @Republic4nPower, same as here

@1637966716 Yes, people are already getting loads of legitimate followers back, and I haven't heard about any one getting banned or censored in any way post-Musk purchase

@1637966716 What is that?

@1637966716 I might try it out. Thanks!

Add Daily Mail to the list of Ukraine first right wing outlets 😑

This is so dumb. Why can't people just acknowledge the reality of war, and get over it? As Americans, we may not agree with everything our government and military do, but we always stand out with pride and admiration for our great nation. Enough of this, already!

Agreed. This xenophobic attitude from people is absolutely disgusting, especially since it's a modern revival of the "red scare" of the 1950s mixed with outrage porn from sock puppets paid to fan the flames on both sides.

Just because someone is from the country of who the people in the plastic box you watch tells you to hate does NOT mean they automatically are your enemy by default. THAT, in a nutshell, IS racism and bigotry, the very thing leftist claim they stand against.

Good luck pointing this out to the NPCs, though.

@djb21212 💯 Someone tried telling me Russian wasn't a race 🤣🤣🤣. People really are delusional LOL

charlie brownau
1 year ago

I guess when we have no whites in white nations
racism wont exist anymore

All the bigots will be dead

Tis the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, for we shall honor his sacrifice he made for each and every one of us. Thank you, Jesus, and may you live within our hearts each and every day ✝️🙏

So, Joe Biden is trying to live Ukrainians into the US? That includes women, youth, and seniors, correct? None of the young adult or middle aged males that want out of the country, thanks to Zelenskyy? Oh, and don't forget about Biden's push for them to fight, as well. If you think for one second that either one of those "leaders" care about the Ukrainian people, you have been lied to and manipulated. Period.

Conservative 347 don't believe everything you're hearing this is not coming from a News articles do your own research this is coming from a congressman Clay Higgins who is a Christian

@1610233846 It was on Breitbart news. And even if it is from this guy, why does that matter?

Because they are like Charlie Brown AU and like to make up things it's like media bias

@1610233846 I can kinda understand where you're coming from, but again, it came from Breitbart News, and doesn't surprise me that Biden would do such a thing. Heck, it's Biden, what does he not do that's screwed up?

TRAPT hasn't posted to Gab in over 3 months 👀

Idk why I'm posting this LOL

This guy's bio 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This guy: I'm a veteran and a Trump supporter

Also this guy: I sUpPoRt tHe cUrReNt tHiNg cUz rUsSiAn mAn bAd!!!1!11!

@djb21212 Yep, pretty much LOL

Is there any way to fix the polls on here?

Hey conservative 347 TTOR 13 said he is going to up grade the script he said

@1610233846 OK, thanks for the clarification